About BitKeep

Since its establishment in 2018, BitKeep has been committed to offering a safe, secure and convenient way for crypto users to manage their digital currencies. BitKeep allows users to easily send and receive cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin. With global subsidiaries and partnerships in 12 countries and regions including Singapore, Japan, Canada, and Thailand, BitKeep serves more than 4 million users in 160+ countries across the world. The BitKeep company consists of more than 500 employees worldwide.

Why work at BitKeep?

Building the future of digital finance

BitKeep is the most secure crypto wallet on the market. As a user’s favorite, BitKeep is part of the digital finance revolution that is changing the way people manage their assets.

International team

With over 500 employees worldwide, BitKeep offers a diverse and global working environment. BitKeep offers competitive salaries along with added benefits including medical insurance, telecommuting in select positions, international exchange programmes, and the issuing of cryptocurrency.

Uplifting working atmosphere

BitKeep ensures positive office morale by facilitating a welcoming and relaxed working environment. We offer flexible working hours and we value team-building. BitKeep is committed to upskilling employees through free knowledge courses and self-development opportunities.

Competitive salary package

Competitive salary

Option to issue cryptocurrency

Medical insurance

Flexible working hours

Welcoming and relaxed working environment

Flat team management

Meticulous and considerate welfare culture

Diversified incentive schemes

Fair and just promotion mechanism


Self-improvement and personal development space

Free encryption knowledge course

Various team building activities

International exchange opportunities


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