How to back up your mnemonic words or private key?

Mnemonic words are private and not protected by any encryption measures. Once someone gets your mnemonic words, it's the same as taking control of your wallet.

1. After BitKeep creates a wallet, make sure to back up mnemonic words in time.
When backing up mnemonic words, try to back up by using physical medium, such as hand it on a piece of paper, and then store the paper. Don't use screenshots if possible!

2. Make sure the back-up mnemonic word is correct and proofread mnemonic word several times.
Be sure to properly keep the mnemonic word you backup, one is not to be stolen, two is to prevent loss measures.

****** * never share mnemonic words to anyone! * * * * * *

Way 2
BitKeep is a decentralized wallet, which does not store the user's wallet mnemonic words, and the imported mnemonic words are only stored on the user's original login device through encryption, and can be backed up again according to the following operations.

"My" interface - "wallet management" - click wallet nickname - click BTC or ETH "export mnemonic" - enter transaction password. Make a good backup.