What’s the reason for showing “input is invalid” when importing mnemonic words?

When you import mnemonic words in BitKeep and the prompt is invalid, it indicates that the software cannot recognize the mnemonic words imported. There are several possibilities:

1. The imported mnemonic words are not correct English words, and the recorded mnemonic words are wrong or the transcription is wrong; the word is case-insensitive .
Check the mnemonic word input is correct or not, and you can check whether the word is misspelled through the public specification of BIP39:
HTTPS: / / github.com/bitcoinjs/bip39/blob/master/ wordlists/English json

2. There is a problem with the format (for example, enter one more space).
Make sure the words are separated by spaces, one space between each word.

3. Choose the wrong mnemonic words for wallet:
In the scene that BitKeep has more than one wallet, it is necessary to input the corresponding wallet and corresponding wallet mnemonic words to import successfully.