Can't find a Token?

BitKeep supports BTC, ETH (ERC20 token), EOS, USDT, ONT, NEO. Users can use the function of searching to add tokens to display

the tokens in their own asset list. For details, click "How to add applications and search." to check.

Due to the continuous development of Ethereum's ecology, thousands of tokens comply with the ERC 20 standard. In order to
facilitate users to manage their own tokens, we will filter the most popular tokens of the Ethereum community to our search list.
For a small part of the tokens we have not added, there will be no search, but the search result does not mean that BitKeep haven't
supported the token. As long as the token meet ERC20 standard , BitKeep can display the token and supprot transfer.

Reminder: All the tokens in the BitKeep search list are only included for the convenience for user' managing and adding.

They have not undergone the “audit”. Users should not use this as a basis for judging the quality of them.