How to create/import wallet?

Case 1: No wallet

Step 1: Create a wallet
Click the "create a new wallet" button to create a wallet.

Step 2: Set your transaction password
Before creating a wallet, in order to protect the security of the user's property, you need to set a transaction password, which is the transaction password of the account. (Please keep the transaction password carefully, this method is also for account security 
considerations.) After entering the transaction password twice successfully, the wallet will be created.

Step 3: create a successful verification mnemonic

After creating the password, the system will create the wallet and mnemonical words. Mnemonical words should be carefully kept by the user. In order to be safe, it is recommended that the user should copy them on paper or store them on a USB drive for physical isolation. (Attention! Attention! Keep mnemonic words! Don't take screenshots! Write it on paper or on a usb drive!)


Case 2: I have my wallet


Step 1: Enter the binding wallet interface

Click "bind wallet assets" to enter the bind wallet interface through the new/import wallet page.

Step 2: fill in mnemonic words for binding

After entering the existing mnemonic words or private key, click the binding. After entering the trade password, the binding is successful.


Step 3: Enter the transaction password

After entering the trading password, the binding is successful and then the wallet home page is entered.