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BitKeep Secure Asset Fund

Security Information

1. We provide support for hardware wallets to ensure that users will be able to access their funds via the most secure ways possible. Our hardware wallets rely on QR code authentication, and allow users to perform secure transactions without the need for any internet, bluetooth, or USB connection. Our integration with KeyStone hardware wallets promise a comprehensive manner for users to conveniently manage their assets with the utmost security. 2. We have also partnered with renowned external security auditors such as SlowMist and Certik, who routinely vet our smart contracts such as those deployed on BitKeep Swap and the BitKeep NFT Market. This collaboration ensures that our platforms and services adhere to the highest levels of industry-wide security standards. 3. In line with our dedication to safeguarding user assets, BitKeep has allocated $1,000,000 to establish the Secure Asset Fund. In order to continuously grow this fund, BitKeep has also pledged an additional fund injection of 10% of our monthly Swap revenue. This proactive approach ensures that our users will be able to enjoy even greater protection and be further assured of their asset security.
An amount of $1,000,000 and 10% of the monthly Swap revenue is dedicated to the fund, and the chain address can be tracked, ensuring transparency and credibility.

Funded by BitKeep to safeguard users’ assets

Continuously Funded
The fund is continuously funded to ensure the safety of assets
Wallet addresses are made public to ensure transparency
Efficient & Stable
More than 50% of the fund is held in Stablecoin, minimizing the impact of token price fluctuations

How will BitKeep Secure Asset Fund serve BitKeep users?

BitKeep Secure Asset Fund
BitKeep Secure Asset Fund is designed to guarantee the asset security of all BitKeep users. It will be used to cover all user losses resulting from BitKeep’s own fault.
Beware of Scams
Please make sure to keep your Private Key and Mnemonic phrase safe and beware of scams and traps. BitKeep shall not be held responsible for the loss of Private Keys, stolen assets, and transaction losses caused by users.
I suffered a loss because of BitKeep.
What should I do?
BitKeep has always attached great importance to safety. If, under extremely rare cases, you suffered a loss because of BitKeep’s fault, please contact us at [email protected] within 30 days after the incident. BitKeep team will investigate the reported issue and respond with satisfactory answers and solutions in the shortest time possible.
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