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BitKeep Order of Knights

Order of Knights

If you’re an authentic crypto enthusiast, please sign up to become a BitKeep Knight and build the Web3.0 world with BitKeep!

Who are BitKeep Knights?

BitKeep Knights are among the key members of the BitKeep community and the important contributors in our global roadmap.
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Feel passionate to build a career in the blockchain industry; identify with BitKeep brand philosophy
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A loyal user of the BitKeep app who wants to contribute to BitKeep
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A proactive communicator who is fluent in English
resource resource


Well connected with the community to develop business

Knight duties


1.Operate Telegram and Discord communities, and Twitter and YouTube accounts;

2.Grow users with your resources, undertake outreach work and promote cooperation between BK and popular projects in your country through various channels;

3.Plan marketing activities that meet the needs of local users; participate in local activities on behalf of BitKeep to increase BitKeep's influence;

4.Increase the reach of BitKeep's existing social media matrix including Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and Instagram;

5.Cooperate with BitKeep's publicity and growth needs.

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Knight benefits


Generous salary

Generous salary and bonus

Up-to-date intelligence

Access to the most up-to-date investment and research information in the industry; connection to various segments of the industry, including, but not limited to, DApp development teams, KOLs, and mainstream media

Whitelist spots

Enjoy official airdrops and whitelist benefits of premium projects

Exclusive honor

BitKeep Knight exclusive badge and merchandise


1. NO location requirements, but BitKeep users in Turkey, CIS, Europe, America, Arabia, Latin America, Indonesia, Vietnam are preferred.

2. Strong curiosity and learning ability for the blockchain industry and Web 3.0

3. Be proactive and have excellent communication skills

No location limits
Blockchain enthusiast
Early Web 3.0 adopter
Intense curiosity
Excellent communicator
Life-long learners
No location limits
Blockchain enthusiast
Early Web 3.0 adopter
Intense curiosity
Excellent communicator
Life-long learners

How to become a BitKeep Knight

01.Online Application
02.Resume Screening
03.Telegram Interview
Welcome Aboard High High

About BitKeep

BitKeep is a decentralized multi-chain digital wallet that offers one-stop digital asset management services to its global users. It supports 90+ Mainnets and has aggregated 46+ DEXs. The NFT Market supports all-platform search and purchase with any token. BitKeep provides secure and reliable crypto asset management services for millions of users across more than 168 countries and regions.
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Transactions Amount

$50+ Billion

Security service Users

5 Years

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